I recently came across a picture of myself leaning against a brick column in a foreign train station–not in a looking-cool-hip-cosmopolitan-trendy-traveler-nonchalant kind of lean, but in a desperately-seeking-support-for-this-waaaaaaay-too-heavy-bag-hanging-on-my-back kind of lean. My large canvas suitcase with backpack straps hung on my back in between me and the lovely column. I can remember this moment when a friend took the picture and I felt such relief to find a momentary spot to stand and let the column support my load for a bit.

You see, that particular overseas trip was part business, part fun, and I was determined to carry it off with just a large backpack carryon with hidden backpack straps so I could hop on and off trains and in and out of taxis with ease. HA!

The challenge came when my overpacking self, overpacked the bag. So, even though I tried to travel with only a carryon “backpack” I didn’t adjust the number of items included in the load. The recommended bag worked beautifully…it was the packer who failed miserably and had residual arm and backaches to prove it.

What emotional loads do we travel with in our lives? Do we drag around overstuffed bags or multiple bags that require a baggage cart?

Walking into a new year seems hopeful and intimidating at the same time. We feel excited to leave difficult times behind (ummmmm, certain things of 2020, anyone?). We can also experience the uncertainty of what the new year will bring.

We might find ourselves trapped in the ugly cycle of comparison before we have even crossed the year’s threshold, seeing “everyone else” posting new year’s resolutions and goals. (Yikes! This is a biggie for me!)

Join me on The Bearing Life® Podcast this week as we talk about what we can leave behind and what we can carry with us into the new year! Let’s take defining life steps together into the hopeful promise of 2021!