In this episode of The Bearing Life Podcast, I talked with my friends, Tony and Scott, about their walks through infertility. Tony and Scott each had different experiences, and while no couples’ story is the same, they explain steps men can take to process through the realities of infertility.

6 Steps Men can Take to Process the Realities of Infertility

  1. Don’t place blame. No matter who the health issue is with, face the issue together with your spouse. Offer grace to one another and move forward together.
  2. Overly communicate with your spouse. About the big stuff and the small stuff. Share your thoughts and emotions through every step of the process. This is a process that can tear you apart if you are not intentional with your communication.
  3. Approach each step of walking through infertility as “a task to be performed that is part of a larger plan.” Know that there is fruit on the other side of this process. Each procedure and appointment adds a piece to a greater plan.
  4. Research with your spouse and understand what the roadmap looks like. There is so much information available, you can be well-read on available procedures and steps.
  5. Talk with other men who have been through infertility. If you know someone who has experienced infertility, don’t be afraid to reach out to have a conversation. If you know someone has been through it, you won’t feel so alone in it.
  6. If you walked through infertility and are now on the other side, be on the lookout for men who may be in the middle of a similar experience. Share that you are open to talk if they need someone with whom to process.

There is so much to take away from this episode on Infertility & Men. Listen to the end to hear Tony and Scott’s final piece of advice for couples who are walking through a period of infertility.