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The Wheel of Friendship

Hot summer days remind me of joyful times in childhood with the neighborhood kids. Playing tag, running around, climbing trees, riding bicycles. Especially riding bikes. Sneakers pedaling as fast as small feet allow, wind blowing through our hair, singing silly songs as we ride down alleys and streets, exploring the space where we live. Freedom. […]

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Comfort and Joy in a Season of Grief

The holiday season is in full swing and waves of pain and grief engulf the joy of many this time of year. Life adventure brings jubilant events as well as times in the valley of despair. There can be an expectation (often self-imposed) of a Norman Rockwell, “ideal” holiday. Social media doesn’t help – we […]

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Ten Years to Life

Ten Years Ago… June 2016 marked ten years of a journey I didn’t want. You see, June 2006 brought several endings in my life that imprisoned me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for a very long time. The Past One morning in June 2006 while sitting in a fertility clinic waiting for a final procedures, I […]

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Asking Key Questions

Have you ever sought something and missed seeing it right in front of you? Have you laughed at yourself after digging through a purse only to find the sunglasses you seek resting quietly on top of your head? Or found yourself looking for the very telephone you were holding? (I’ve done that too – while telling […]

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Prepping for Life Storms

Storms in life are inevitable and yet somehow I (maybe you too?) am usually surprised when they appear. Out of nowhere. The other day I stood outside and felt the wind pick up. As I looked overhead and saw the dark mass swooping in, I quickly captured the raindrops falling alongside the brilliant sun. The storm […]

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