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4 Ways to Transform a Difficult Back-to-School Season

The close of Summer peeks over the horizon. As sunny, salty days begin to conclude, a hint of Fall is in the air… A new school year is near. Overnight, stores begin to overrun with school sales. Advertising everywhere entices us to purchase of kids clothing and school supplies. Church pulpits communicate prayerful messages for […]

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Signs of Springtime Hope

The blooms of a tulip tree (aka saucer magnolia) are, for me, the first sign that spring has sprung. These lovely blossoms herald optimism that winter is behind me and brighter skies await. They make my heart sing. Every. Single.Year. After months of looking at bare branches with no touch of green, brown grasses, grey […]

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A Pause in Direction

I need to confess. Ready? Within a month, I failed my New Year’s commitment to leave my baggage back in 2012. Well, maybe not complete failure, more of a pause. I spent months preparing to write the blog that has frolicked in my head for Oh. So. Long. Then, at the end of 2o12, I […]

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