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2018: The Promise We Can’t Yet See

The small sign conveyed holiday cheer with block red letters on a small foam core square – similar to those Christmas Light ad signs I’ve seen around town since October. As I waited for the light to turn green, I looked around the intersection, scanned the sign, moved on visually, then did a double take. […]

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A Daffy Valentine

Perennial Hope Every spring, the daffodils (or daffys, as a New Zealand friend calls them) astound me. They return each year to greet me with their sunny dispositions. First, their green shoots peek through the grey, sleepy soil. The glimpse of green is always an unexpected sign of hope in the midst of a chilly, […]

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Freedom From a Bathroom Cabinet

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your burden of grief? I posted earlier about the 10 year anniversary of the end of my active infertility season. A decade ago, after my third and final miscarriage, I cried uncle. Surrendered. Sobbed and mourned and eventually took baby steps on the new path opened up by God. […]

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