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Revising Mother’s Day Malaise

Many women have a complicated relationship with Mother’s Day. While I love celebrating my own mother and all the women I know who are moms, I well remember and often revisit the general malaise, underpinning of uneasiness, and unexplained discontent the season of Mother’s Day can usher in. On the Journey The overwhelm of underlying […]

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4 Ways to Transform a Difficult Back-to-School Season

Is the back-to-school season a difficult time for you because of infertility, singleness, miscarriage, or child loss? My friend, Kelley Mathews, generously shared her blog space at Patheos for me to offer a few suggestions on transforming this pain (link below) into hopeful purpose. Be encouraged. You are not alone. Original post on Patheos

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A Daffy Valentine

Perennial Hope Every spring, the daffodils (or daffys, as a New Zealand friend calls them) astound me. They return each year to greet me with their sunny dispositions. First, their green shoots peek through the grey, sleepy soil. The glimpse of green is always an unexpected sign of hope in the midst of a chilly, […]

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