What a pleasure to spend time with Dr. Michelle Pokorny on The Bearing Life® Podcast. She offered such great insight, wisdom, and practical helps for us to recognize and counter burnout in our lives.

From now until the end of the year, the array of holidays, events, and workload can often feel like our busyness increases at an extraordinary rate.

Before we step over the seasonal threshold, let’s take some time this weekend. (Remember, a little time invested now can help lay the groundwork for peace and good life rhythms later!)

Find a quiet spot, maybe a lovely bench out in nature. Sit and think through your life right now.

Who makes up our deep connection circle? How can we cultivate a caring space for family, friends, loved ones?

What drives our doing? What time and effort do we need to devote to our work and hobbies? How do we joyously live out the unique way God created us?

Let’s spend time thinking about our individual selves – what do we need in order to function well in our quest for a life of excellence (not perfectionism!)?

Really think about how much rest our bodies require, what is realistic and necessary in terms of physical activity/workout, what foods are good for us and fuel our bodies in a healthy way? These will differ for each of us and they are key foundational areas to help us live a healthy, significant, and balanced life.

As we invest this quiet time, let’s also consider what depletes us and think through ways to say yes to those things that support our highest priorities and values.

If you need a reminder of great practices and habits, listen to this episode again! I’ve listened several times and I’m still taking notes!

What helps you keep a healthy perspective and balance in life? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!