Kaleidoscopes fascinate me. How one slight turn transforms the internal pieces and parts into a variety of patterns and colors…kind of an organized, beautiful visual chaos. (I took this picture through the lens of a giant outdoor kaleidoscope at the Dallas Arboretum.)

This week on The Bearing Life® Podcast we talk with Katlyn Nasseri about trauma. We discuss Big “T” trauma, little “t” trauma, and even came up with an impromptu medium “t” trauma!

If we think about all of the different stresses and traumas we carry within us, the broken pieces and patterns might be slight internal irritants, or really harsh, life-altering traumas that affect our everyday behaviors and worries without our knowing. We can picture these layers within that we need to identify and process. Maybe these pieces need a little examination, some require a lot of work, or maybe some minor ones just need to be released. Let’s take time to figure out if they are traumatic, problematic, or just frustrations.

You’ll hear Kat give a clear definition of traumas, talk about the effect on our brains and bodies, explain some of the physiological aspects, and also offer helpful ways to process our pain and include others as well.

I learned a lot and know you will too! I’m motivated, now more than ever, to take the time to discern and understand more about my brain/body interaction, and to commit to sorting out what needs to be addressed. I will also include the appropriate people in my friend and family community or medical professionals to work through and deal with challenges that show up.

I am grateful to Kat for sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and steps to help us explore what we might be ignoring and move through and process the memories or emotions to ensure a healthier walk through life.