For many of us, when the end of the year rolls around we take stock of where we’ve been, how we’ve progressed, and consider where we still have room to grow. In 2020 storms have swirled around all of us – often leaving us static and unmoved from where the year began. As we walk through the last few weeks, let’s commit to moving forward with positivity and hope! I’ve had conversations with many over the last year and shared how we can define steps to move through challenging life realities.

Podcast episodes to walk through life storms

Episode 4-Living with Depression

I talk with Ann Golding, Staff Chaplain at UT Southwestern. What can we do when we begin going through depression and how can we help our friends? Ann and I discuss how we can take ownership of our health to make sure we recover. We also discuss how to be a good friend to someone going through depression and how to be a caring listener.

Episode 6 & 7-Bearing Grief

I talk with a dear friend about the fog of grief. The process of grief is not linear, but there are ways to engage in life to bring us to a place of grace. In part two, we share how to effectively bear our friend’s grief with them.

Episode 11-Mental Health

In my conversation with Michelle Attar, Pastor of Adult Ministries at Bent Tree Bible Church outside of Dallas, TX, We discuss mental health in the home and the realities of life and relationship. Michelle shares the defining steps she takes with her husband and how their friends practically support them.

Episode 16-Anxiety

I share a conversation with Dr. Les Carter, a best-selling author and therapist. He specializes in anger management and narcissistic personality disorder. After spending months at home, many people are feeling added strain and pressure from stress and anxiety. Dr. Carter and I review steps we can take to walk through frustrating and uncertain seasons of life.

This year has created stress in areas of our life that we had no idea existed. Do not feel like you are alone. You can take defining steps and successfully walk through this season of life.