The off-roading adventure with out-of-town visitors quickly turned into a glorious Fall surprise. After turning off the main road we approached the journey ahead with anticipation and a little trepidation. Carefully making our way over the rocks we continued down the road, got to the bend, and came upon the blaze of aspen trees.

The vibrant sky, clouds, tunes, laughter, and nature offered an amazing day.


I’ve developed an affection for unexpected, off-road experiences around life’s bends…well, the delightful ones at least! 🙂

Two years ago, I would never have dreamed a podcast was in my future and yet, here I am on the other side of hosting The Bearing Life Podcast, Season 1.

What a joyful curve!

Years ago, when I studied Radio/TV Communication, I dreaded my radio slot on our student-run station. Having my voice go out over the air waves felt really strange. There were definitely other creative outlets in that degree that I liked much better.

Fast forward through lots of life and here I am, thoroughly enjoying hosting a podcast where I use my voice! Life is funny, isn’t it? Finding our voice is a lifelong journey (I think there is a future episode with that idea!).

Season 1 covered numerous topics in our conversations. Delving into depression with Ann, examining mental health in the home with Michelle, dissecting life storms with Taurus, walking through grief journeys with Rene, building up in single seasons with Annie, exploring infertility care with Sandra, discussing thankfulness, reasonableness, and where we find our identity.

Beginning October 7th, I can’t wait to share Season 2 with you – just a few weeks away!

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