Mother’s Day will soon arrive. A day that proves unsettling and sad when you wait for motherhood. If you find yourself facing fertility challenges, you are not alone.

The Waiting Room

Early morning hours ring hollow with the wait. You sit in the waiting room, each breath edgy with unease. Butterflies fight in the pit of your stomach as you clutch your belongings. Anticipating the call of your name, your mind numbs to all of the what-ifs.

You. Just. Breathe.

An empty seat proves hard to find during busy midday appointment times. You eventually sit, again holding onto your belongings. Your jacket and purse serve as life preservers. Your glance darts around the waiting room scanning other patients.

What is her story? How many procedures has she faced? Does she know my pain? Have they experienced the chasm of loss too? How does she deal with all of the mourning and the unknown?

The waiting room can feel like a place of defeat and discouragement. Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Everyone’s story unfolds in a unique way.

In the waiting room bone chilling cold and warm wispy optimism coexist—the dread of results and the potential of good news fight for equal footing.

You don’t want to be here.

You feel like a number.

You fear the lonely wait.

The Waiting Place

The waiting place or season of infertility feels abnormal enough when dealing with tests, decisions, losses, doctors, and monthly despair. This extraordinary time of worldwide pandemic magnifies the overwhelm to an unimaginable degree.

In this time of social distancing, flattening the curve, staying home, and the halt of “elective” medical procedures, the wait must feel unbearable.

On a good day, the terrain of infertility is treacherous. The stress of time ticking away while waiting for the world to open up again…must feel bleak, indeed.

Waiting for Motherhood

Long ago I sat in the infertility waiting places.

I wrote a guide book and want to help and encourage you—Infertility & Involuntary Childlessness: Traveling the Terrain is available on Amazon.

It would be my privilege to walk with you during this time. Traveling the Terrain shares personal information and advice on gathering your support system, communicating with your family and medical team, and helpful ideas to engage positively in your life.

May you have newfound confidence, peace, and joy as you continue to proactively live in the wait for motherhood. Praying for you and cheering you on!

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