How many children do you have?

When are you going to give me grandchildren?

Why don’t you have any children?

These are some of the toughest words married couples trying to conceive can hear. The speaker means no harm and does not realize the pain he or she just delivered.

Infertility is defined as difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant. The CDC indicates that 10% of women suffer from infertility and 20% of US women have their first child after 35. When the wife is over 35, one-third of couples experience infertility.

I walked this road and know well the heartache, frustration, humiliation, and pain. As a result of these experiences, I have realized God’s will for me — to communicate with couples dealing with infertility and also with those in community around them (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.).

When I discuss the subject matter and purpose of my calling with others, I quickly receive follow-up questions.

My friend has been struggling with infertility and she just had a miscarriage. What should I do? What should I say? How can I help?

People from all walks of life fill our neighborhoods, houses of worship, corporations, schools, etc. We can live out loving one another by accompanying one another through joy and pain, through struggle and gain. We can reach out to couples who suffer in silence and isolation by offering our understanding and practical compassion.

(Have you experienced the practical compassion from others during your infertility journey? Have you walked with a loved one in infertility? What hurt? What helped? I’d love to hear about your experience!)