We’ll just call it a Valentine’s do-over. I wanted to share the story of Dr. Willie O. Peterson’s parents last week, but the winter storm had other plans. This week, I give full attention to this sweet love story. You’ll learn that no matter your background and no matter how broken you feel, you can still have a stable and hopeful future.

After a difficult start in life, and unpleasant childhoods, Dr. Peterson’s parents committed to raising a connected family. They saturated their lives and family with faith, knowledge, love, and promises of God.

Their legacy of love shows their dedication to God, to one another, and to their family. Dr. Peterson and his siblings realize the legacy their parents left them and feel led to pass this legacy on to their own families. Dr. Peterson and his brothers fondly recall saying they “wanted to marry a woman like mom, so they could show her they loved her like dad loved mom.” Dr. Peterson’s father continued to love and serve his mother until his very last day.

The actions that stand out most to me about Dr. Peterson’s parents are:

  1. the love they showed each other;
  2. the love they showed their children and the security their children felt in their love;
  3. the intention Dr. Peterson’s dad had to pour into his children.

Dr. Peterson’s parents were an example who modeled love in their marriage, and love of God, to their children and their community. Even though they each began life in a dark place, after meeting Jesus Christ, their lives and the lives of all who met them were changed forever.

Their story offers great inspiration for all to leave a lasting legacy!

I hope you’ll listen to this week’s podcast, Family Legacy, to hear more of this beautiful love story of strength and endurance.