I have fond memories of looking out over this water on a peaceful morning and it represents how I want to maintain a calm interior no matter how chaotic interactions might be with others.

Dr. Les Carter offered such a helpful perspective about codependency on The Bearing Life®️ Podcast this week!

We talked about what it means, how it looks and feels, and its relationship to empathy and narcissism.

During the time we recorded and the additional times I’ve listened since, I’m developing a better appreciation for who I want to be when communicating with others and also how I want to feel on the inside when surprising interactions develop.

I want to be like the water in the picture above: genuinely calm, serene, unflappable. I know I’m human and won’t succeed all the time but knowing I can take time to determine who I want to be, how I want to act and respond, and healthy ways to engage with appropriate responses will help me continue growing into a more empathetic, grounded person.

What is your favorite takeaway from the episode? Comment below – I’d love to know!