Greg Jones joins me on the podcast to talk about his life of music. We explore how the influence of music and guitar began and talk about the people who sparked his interest and mentored him. What Greg has learned along the way, how he pursues his dream daily, and his philosophy on putting in the time towards excellence, will inspire you in your own interests and efforts. He offers rich wisdom about dedicating time to your craft and developing your talent with intention.

You’ll be encouraged to seek wisdom, invite mentors, and dedicate yourself to developing and honing your own brand and form of artistry, creativity, and life passions…and you might just hear how much of a positive impact you can have when you make yourself available to mentor others in your particular field or interest.

I so admire his talent, work, and dedication and can’t wait for you to hear this episode.

Thanks for listening!

Connect with Greg (be sure to message or email him if you are interested in taking guitar lessons with him):