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In this episode, I share my practice of thankfulness. It is a practice that can help us move through hard seasons. I am reviving my “Thankfulday” on Instagram and I invite you to join me sharing the things for which you are thankful!

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Living with Depression

Join me while I talk with Ann Golding, Staff Chaplain at UT Southwestern. What can we do when we begin going through depression and how can we help our friends? Ann and I discuss how we can take ownership of our health to make sure we recover. We also discuss how to be a good […]

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Life Storms with Taurus, Part Two

Listen to part two of my conversation with Taurus where we openly process through current storms. How can we apply lessons from past storms and experiences to work together and learn from one another? Find encouragement to face your life storms. “[The storm] doesn’t always look like we hoped it would.”

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Life Storms with Taurus, Part One

Both Taurus and I have sheltered in place during extremely destructive tornadoes. Listen to Part 1 of our conversation about what can happen when we observe the noise and chaos that transpires after a tornado and how we can apply these lessons to process other “storms” of life. “The storm can be extremely ugly, but […]

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Learning Practical Compassion: My Story

In this episode, I share a piece of my story: my experience with infertility, and how I realized the steps I should take to move towards a meaningful life.  Along the way, I realized that I’d had one all along! This storm moved me to equip people to practical compassion. How can we take defining […]

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An Introduction to the Bearing Life Podcast

Life experiences often lead us to seek answers to key questions: how we bear our burdens well, how we help others bear their burdens, and how we bear fruit or find purpose and passion in spite of difficult challenges. Join Dr. Julie Shannon each week as she explores practical compassion through conversations and stories about […]

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