As American citizens, we are privileged to have the freedom to cast our vote for leadership of our country every four years.

Many people awakened this morning to great news of the President-elect.

Many are disappointed by the choice.

This is the reality of our system and freedom—jubilance and celebration by some, defeat and sadness by others.

The choice has been made and as fellow Americans it is now time to come together.

There has been a terrible division in our country for years. The United States of America is not a blue country, or a red country, but a red, white, AND blue country, as reflected in our nation’s flag.

We are all different, uniquely created, and we MUST find common ground and take steps toward unity and respect.

This is a new day.

Each of us has a choice to make: to stay on our respective “side” of the things that divide us and continue the unproductive labeling, name-calling, and suspicion, or to reach our hand out to our neighbor offering words of care and support, committing to reconciliation and hope for our great land.

It is a choice.

We can continue to divide and stay stagnant or come together, find common ground, and walk forward towards a brighter future.


My prayer is that our words and actions will reflect love and grace. Hatred and vitriolic language helps no one and serves no productive purpose in these United States.

We are called by God Almighty to love one another.

From this new day forward, I pray it will be so.