As I placed new herbs in a pot, I realized the irony of my recent attitude and the name of the soil I used to nurture the small plants.

I’m a people person and place a high value on good friends, connections, community, and fellowship (don’t get me wrong, I also need times of solitude too!). One of the hardest adjustments for me on this adventure is not having those close people with me.

At first, everything felt new and exciting and I didn’t dwell on what I left back home. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt occasional brief moments of sadness and some questioning about my move to a place where I have no history, other than the seeds for this adventure that God planted eight years ago.

I’m so grateful for friends and family walking me through this experience from afar and I’m beyond thankful for the new friendships developing here. Unlike the “miracle grow” aspect of fast-acting fertilized soil, real-life connection takes time to grow roots.

There remains no doubt in my mind that God brought me here and I must choose daily to trust Him when I cannot see what is to come. He is the Miracle Worker of life and at any moment might unfold much more for me to understand.

May I ask for your prayers – that I will trust Him, reach out to others, be brave, and embrace the God-confidence to step into opportunities when I feel insecure? I would greatly appreciate them!

How may I pray for you?

Wishing you a Happy Wednesday!