The trip fell into place after lots of planning. Boxes of required supplies shipped ahead of time, numerous phone calls were placed to discuss menus and appropriate steps and actions for ride planning and access.

Every day offered an opportunity for something to go wrong and an overwhelming challenge, yet so many people showed up to help when we needed something.

The above-and-beyond attitudes and assistance were truly magical. Cast members on the phone, in person, housekeeping, first aid, chefs, ride operators, park photographers, etc. Every. Single. Person. Treated us with kindness and provided over-the-top help with special needs and life requirements (literally, life requirements).

My niece and I had long-dreamed of taking her nonverbal, intellectually disabled son (with numerous eating issues and life-threatening food allergies) to Walt Disney World and include him in a “normal,” fun vacation of a lifetime.

When I saw what it took to get everything in place to take him on this trip I gained such a deeper understanding of daily (often isolating), life realities for her and her family.

The characters gave their extra special care, too. Every. Single. One. Whether we had a character meal or passed them by in the park, the minute they saw us, they stopped and gave him dear, loving, soothing, joyful attention.

During lunch one day, Pooh stopped by and had a lengthy, sweet encounter that brought a smile to his face and joyful tears to his auntie’s eyes.

We all want to belong and be part of a community. I’ve watched not only my niece but also friends with adult children with special needs strive to find a place and people to share life with them and their children.

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