A. M. Peters joins me in this episode to talk about truly living life, cultivating courage, and countering the need for approval and the comparison trap. Hearing how he overcame adversity and his willingness to pursue career changes and embrace new seasons of life is truly inspiring. I know you will walk away from this episode with a renewed sense of resolve to pursue your passion and experience authentic joy and peace.

Tony grew up on the eastside of Los Angeles, CA and defied the odds by graduating from UCLA and Loyola Law School. For 11 years he was a successful trial lawyer and at the age of thirty-seven he was sworn into the Los Angeles Superior Court Judiciary where he presided over criminal courtrooms for two decades. His desire to work for real heart change in others inspired him to change his own life and pursue his passion for storytelling. He is the author of three novels, has written a TV series that is currently being pitched to multiple streaming platforms, and is at work on a romantic comedy. He has been married to his lovely wife, Patricia, for thirty-six years and they have three adult children who are each pursuing their purpose-filled, creative dreams.

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