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The Final Salute: An Act of Unity

The last few years, we Americans have been in the thick of a great divide, a magnitude of cultural upheaval like I’ve never seen. There seems to be little to bring us together. It feels like we have lost any sense of common ground or basic respect for one another. Left against Right. Blue vs. […]

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A Yolk of Reality

The last several months I’ve seen an increase in stories encouraging women to freeze their eggs to ensure future fertility and give them freedom in their current years with the unspoken understanding that any challenges will be solved by science years down the road. My own story of infertility led me to a great passion […]

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Learning to Break

In the western culture of America, Spring Break comes around each year, usually in March. For most, it signals vacation time celebrating the entrance to spring and warmer weather. No matter the age or season in life, we all need a spring break. Spring offers a time of renewal as we exit the dormancy of […]

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A Daffy Valentine

Perennial Hope Every spring, the daffodils (or daffys, as a New Zealand friend calls them) astound me. They return each year to greet me with their sunny dispositions. First, their green shoots peek through the grey, sleepy soil. The glimpse of green is always an unexpected sign of hope in the midst of a chilly, […]

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Make 2017 An Eggstraordinary Year

Encouragement “Give me eight hours of your time. In four lessons I promise you will learn to draw.” I have to admit I laughed uncomfortably. Even quietly scoffed a bit. You see, I’ve spent a lifetime secretly envying my siblings’ abilities to sketch and paint. In years past, the best I’ve been able to draw is […]

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Shining a Light on the What Ifs of Life

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to celebrate the life and hope of our faith. Joyous music fills our ears, bright lights adorn trees and houses, and the scent of fresh pine greets our noses. This time of year can also turn our focus to the negative what ifs of life, especially when we […]

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The Dawn of a New Day

As American citizens, we are privileged to have the freedom to cast our vote for leadership of our country every four years. Many people awakened this morning to great news of the President-elect. Many are disappointed by the choice. This is the reality of our system and freedom—jubilance and celebration by some, defeat and sadness […]

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Signs of Springtime Hope

The blooms of a tulip tree (aka saucer magnolia) are, for me, the first sign that spring has sprung. These lovely blossoms herald optimism that winter is behind me and brighter skies await. They make my heart sing. Every. Single.Year. After months of looking at bare branches with no touch of green, brown grasses, grey […]

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